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  • Botanicare Hydroguard 5 Gallon


    Hydroguard is back with a new, clean look and a more powerful, concentrated formula. Hydroguard's reformulation makes it even more effective than before. It?s unique formula, available exclusively from Botanicare, contains an isolated form of Bacillus bacteria known as Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens. This scientifically isolated bacterium was selected for its superior ability to amplify root mass…

  • Botanicare Tray 4 ft x 4 ft ID – White


    Botanicare's redesigned white premium ID trays offer professional hydroponic gardens with superior quality and performance. The ID trays now include a 7 in deep seat that accommodates larger root masses, taller pots and deeper saturation. A curved drainage grid with wider channels simplifies cleaning while newly engineered corner gussets allow for greater support. The ID…

  • Botanicare LT Tray 2 ft x 8 ft – Black


    Our newly expanded line of Low Tide trays, now offered in black, are a perfect match for growers who need just a little something to put under their plants. These newly designed trays offer a diagonal drainage grid that directs water out of the tray and sits in the same footprint as its growing space.…

  • Botanicare Ebb & Flow Barbed Fitting 3/4 in (25/Bag)


    Interior threads which accept 3/4 in standard pipe thread. Use as ebb and flow fittings and bulkhead fittings. Increased versatility: thread PVC pipe fittings into bulkhead fittings - ideal for use in aeroponic and drip applications.

  • Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Bloom 5 Gallon


    Pure Blend? Pro is a premium, one-part, natural and organic-based plant food. Pure Blend? Pro is a healthy environment-friendly alternative to commercial chemical fertilizers. Use Bloom during the fruiting and flowering stage.

  • Botanicare Neoprene Insert 3 in (16/Sheet)


    Black foam inserts that act as root guards.

  • Botanicare Liquid Karma Quart (12/Cs)


    We've updated Liquid Karma? with a new humic source that runs cleaner, performs better and is more versatile than before. This new 100% water soluble humic acid source will not cause buildup in lines, clog drippers or contribute to pH fluctuations. Liquid Karma? contains metabolically active organic compounds that are absorbed immediately and act as…

  • Botanicare Sweet Carbo Grape 2.5 Gallon (2/Cs)


    Sweet? Grape is scientifically formulated for the bio-synthesis of crucial compounds to maintain optimal metabolism and contains: Select carbohydrates for amplified energy, increased sugar/brix content and plant bio-mass. Esters and bio-polyphenolic compounds for increased flavors, aromas and fatty oil synthesis. Crucial secondary trace elements for enhancing photosynthesis and respiration.

  • Botanicare Pure Blend Tea Gallon (4/Cs)


    Pure Blend? Tea (formerly Pure Blend? Original Grow & Bloom). Pure Blend? Tea combines the key elements of both Pure Blend? Original Grow and Bloom, into one highly effective formula. Pure Blend? Tea is enhanced and fortified with a premium blend of ultra-soluble humates, organic plant acids, trace minerals, vitamins and select amino acids. Pure…

  • Botanicare Kind Base 5 Gallon


    Kind? Plant Nutrient System is a proprietary three part nutrient unlike any other. Kind? was formulated with the calcium and magnesium separate from the trace minerals. This allows you to customize Kind? to meet the specific needs of your garden, whatever Kind? you grow. A fusion of science and nature, Kind? provides optimal plant nutrition…

  • Botanicare CNS17 Grow Gallon (4/Cs)


    CNS17? Grow is extremely concentrated, cost effective and produces premium results. It contains all seventeen essential elements, making CNS17? Grow an ideal food source for plants to thrive throughout the vegetative growth phase. Optimal ratios of nitrogen and phosphorus promote increased root development, decreased internode spacing and sturdy stalks and branches to support bigger, healthier…

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    Botanicare Pure Granular Grow 50 lb


    Pure? natural and organic plant food is the base for the Organicare Plant Nutrient System. Ideal for soil container gardens, raised bed gardens, potted plants and hydroponics. Beneficial for fruits, flowers, vegetables, trees, shrubs and turf. Pure's granular formula helps prevent nutrient leaching and runoff.